By David A Citek DDS
May 19, 2016
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Have you stopped smiling because you've lost a tooth? Dental implants can give you your smile back. Dr. David Citek, your Houston dental implantsdentist, shares some information about implants.

Dental implants replace teeth roots

No other tooth replacement option offers the stability that a dental implant does. Your Houston dentist places a tiny screw-like post in an opening in your jaw and gradually bonds to the surrounding jawbone. When bonding is complete, your implant serves as the root for a new crown that will sit on top of it. Unlike dentures and bridges that rest on top of your gums, implants actually become part of your jaw, offering unparalleled support for your new crown.

Implants offer a long-lasting solution

Your implant will last a very long time and will probably last your entire life with proper care. Bridges and dentures usually need to be replaced several times throughout your life.

Dental implants are usually the least expensive option

Implants may not seem like the least expensive choice initially, but it's important to consider the lifetime costs. Before you make your decision, find out how much it will cost to replace a bridge or dentures two or three times versus the one-time cost of implants. You'll probably discover that dental implants are actually the most cost-effective choice.

Implants help support your other teeth

When a gap appears in your mouth, your other teeth try to fill it. As they lean toward the opening, they often overlap. Overlapping teeth can change your bite, which can make it more difficult to bite and chew foods. They also may increase your risk of tooth decay if you can't completely clean remove plaque from the overlapping areas.

Caring for implants is easy

Implant care is as easy as brushing and flossing. Good oral hygiene helps prevent an infection that could threaten the health of your implant. Regular flossing will remove plaque and decrease your risk of the infection.

Ready to find out if an implant can help you? Call your Houston dentist, Dr. David Citek, at (713) 943-2506 and schedule an appointment today. Improve your smile with dental implants!


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