By David A Citek DDS
December 02, 2014
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Teeth Whitening ImageWhile Hollywood stars might get professional teeth whitening, it’s a cosmetic procedure that anyone can enjoy!
Can’t get enough of celebrity sightings and goings-on? We know the lives of the rich and famous can be fascinating and there is almost always something going on. Being plugged in as much as we are, it’s easy to find out everything we want to know about our favorite celebrities.
While we might be interested in the million-dollar house an actress just bought or the new movie your favorite celeb is working on, you might also be interested to find out which of your favorite red-carpet walkers are also sporting professional teeth whitening. After all, if you’ve been considering getting your teeth whitened in Houston it’s always great to see the results before you opt for this cosmetic procedure.

Check out these celebrities who have professional teeth whitening to thank for their gorgeous chompers:

  1. Morgan Freeman: We love him for his chameleon-like abilities to play just about any character. From Shawshank Redemption to Bruce Almighty, he’s made us both laugh and cry. However, as much as we like to idolize these stars, they also deal with the same problems as everyone else. As we age our teeth begin to yellow and we may even notice more stains. Morgan Freeman experienced the same problem. However, with teeth whitening, he can now flash a whiter smile while on the big screen.
  2. Victoria Beckham: We remember her fondly as “Posh Spice” in the popular band Spice Girls, but before this model and singer impressed us with her catchy pop tunes she was dealing with a less-than-perfect smile. Luckily teeth whitening came to the rescue and nixed those yellow stains once and for all. You won’t find one stain on her gorgeous smile now!
  3. Miley Cyrus: Whether you love or hate this rebellious singer, one thing is certain: she has a beautiful smile. While she may have been a young Disney channel star, as she grew up and left her humble beginnings she also left her younger smile behind by opting for teeth whitening. Sure, we may see her sticking her tongue out on many celebrity shows now, but at least she’s flaunting her gorgeously white smile, too!
If you want a brighter smile to rival the stars, then consider professional teeth whitening. Put down the commercial products; in-office teeth whitening in Houston can promise instant results in under an hour. Call us today to find out more about our teeth whitening treatment.


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